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New generation of Heat pumps and for DHW

From beginning of 2016 we started to offer step by step very new products in the home and buildings heating, which are able to replace former systems working with gas or oil. New technologies in machines and refrigerant make it insured. 

Using the electric power for domestic heating systems is the future to save our plant from nitrogen oxides (NOX), particulate matter and carbon dioxyde. We should let burning the last resources of our planet, gas and oil heat up our atmosphere and results we have each year with hot seasons, and high water, unusual thunder storms, which never was in the past over hundert years ago. 

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Hit-Flon is saved by several patends and confirmed by a huge sum of references in the world. Hi-Flon has no competition in the world, it's the only one which and the original and not an additive, very important to know. 

Additives change the condition of the oil circulating in the engine and can be dangerous for the engine and at least for the car.