About Solar Radiators

High-performance collectors of the top class Solar systems are divided into 2 different product classes. Photovoltaics, which produce elec- tronic energy and solar thermal plants that provide thermal energy. Solarthermie is a proven and tried and tested technology for many years. Sunlight is free and free of emissions and can be used for drinking water heating, as a support or as a substitute for the central heating system up to the heating of the in-house pool.
Special advantages of thermal solar energy generation are:
- a significant reduction in annual energy costs
- strong independence from the cost development of the fossil fuels oil, gas, wood, thereby
- Avoiding climate-damaging gases such as CO2
- Cheap fulfillment of the Heat Act of renewable energies
- Various possibilities of combination with condensing technology (gas and oil heating) and heat pumps (air and also geothermal)
How to pay for a solar thermal installation:
Although solar radiation is free of charge, it requires a certain capital contribution through material and installation costs. It is therefore of particular importance to save as much energy as possible from the solar system. This is dependent on local geological conditions, in particular by the knowledge of the average hours of sunshine per year and it's intensity on site. IRICON Solar complete packages are designed in such a way that a balanced relationship between investment and usable output is created for the requirements under the stated parameters, such as living space and number of persons.
IRICON high performance flat collectors of the TechnoPlus system are one of the most powerful collectors of the current market range. They are made in Germany. A consistently high quality is ensured by constant testing of the components and collectors until shipment. The flat collectors with special heat-conducting technology offer high stability and corrosion protection thanks to the collector frame and the rear wall made of aluminum. A dark anodizing gives the collector an optically high-quality design. Coordinated dimensions and high efficiency and the possibility of mounting on different surfaces make the flat collectors a perfect unit for the production of warm drinking water and also for heating support. Perfect due to the special heat transfer technology, the seawater resistant elexed frame, the hailstop safety by 4cm thick solar glass and the power of the collector up to 2 kW.
The complete sets are designed to cover as much as 70% of the annual average energy consumption for drinking water heating. Also in the winter half year, a respectable amount of energy is used to preheat the water circuit of the heating system.
IRICON flat collectors meet the EN 12975 standard and carry the well-known Keymark certificate. A guarantee of a maximum of 5 years is granted for the flat-plate heaters themselves.