About reversible Haet Pumps and Chillers

These air / water heat pumps are both heat pumps and so-called cold water heaters. They are reversible, ie. can produce both hot water and cold water. Thanks to the design with the high-quality components, the efficiency of the heat pumps is not lower, although water temperatures above 60 ° C can not be reached. For this, however, they provide outstanding cold water properties as cold water substitutes.
For this reason, these machines are suitable for combination with fan coil units, which can be operated without restrictions both with hot water and cold water. The machine works with the high-performance refrigerant R 410a, which gives the machine the high efficiency.
The machines of this series are equipped with:
* Hydraulic kit includes: tank tank with circulation pump, pressure equalization tank, manometer, flow monitor, pressure relief valve, filling and emptying valve, tank heating is available as an option.
* Remote control, water filter, softstarter for limiting the start current, high and low pressure valves, differential pressure switch, manometer and anti-vibration cups for the installation of the machine, fan control for operation down to -15 ° C and glycol filling.
Optionally the following accessories are available:
Heating for the buffer tank, program clock card, internet card RS 485, electric heating for the evaporator, additional valves for the refrigeration circuit and for optimal packing during transportation a wooden box installation.