EDEL Water/Water DHW heat pumps

Models EDEL 200 and 270 have a stainless steel tank, in which case the magnesium anode is eliminated and maintenance of the heat pump of these models is not required. The EDEL water is also generally equipped with an electric heater. Thus, more hot water is available in times of high hot water consumption.

EDEL - Water DHW water heat pumps are available in 4 different models, such as 100 L, 150L, 200 and 270L tank capacity.

How does it work?
The energy is withdrawn from the underfloor heating system when another different source is not used. For this purpose a water deflection unit (included in the scope of delivery) is installed in the heating return flow circle, which redirects the water via the heat pump. If the return temperature is higher than 35 ° C, a thermostatically controlled 3-way valve is available, which limits the water temperature at 35 ° C.
The efficiency is very high due to this principle and is at a COP of approx. 4,4.
What happens in summer?
In the summer months the underfloor heating is generally not in operation. In this case, the underfloor heating system operates as an available heat exchanger, the underfloor heating returning cold water from the heat pump and reheating it in the floor heating loop. The cooled cold water cools the ground and therefore ensures a pleasant low temperature in rooms in which a floor heating system has been installed. This principle does not produce condensation, in contrast to air / water heat pumps, and since a fan is not required, this heat pump operates with a very low noise level of 34dB (a) at a distance of 1 m. Similar to a refrigerator, since all electrical agregates, such as the compressor and circulating pump, are mounted on noise- and body-sound absorbing materials.
The EDEL water / water is additionally equipped with an additional electrical heating of 1200 watts, which can be connected in case of need, especially if a high amount of hot water is to be taken and a rapid heating to the set water temperature. It only switches back on when the water temperature falls below 38 ° C. Otherwise, the heat pump only operates to the set temperature, eg. 55 ° C. Various other programs are programmable with the electronic control of the heat pump.