EDEL Air / Water DHW heat pumps

This series is available in the tank volumes of 80 - 150 liters. Insulation diameter is 500 mm for all types, so this series is usually suitable for installation in an adjacent room. All mounting parts are supplied for the wall suspension, for the air ducts an extensive accessory is available for all different installation variants.
The EDEL works with an environmentally neutral refrigerant, which is not a burden for the atmosphere in the event of loss and the end of the lifetime of the unit. The technology of the EDEL comes with a refrigerant of only 80gr. And is only 1/3 of other makes that work comparatively with toxic fluorine mixtures.
The heat pump itself operates with a very low power consumption of 350 watts and the high efficiency is at least 3 times the energy needed to heat the water tank. The charging of the smallest heat pump is therefore possible at shorter intervals.
The compressor and fan are specially insulated and produce a very low noise level of 54dB (a), which corresponds to the internal noise of a luxury vehicle during driving.