A++  HRC 70 DHW heat pump 7 and 11 kW

All series have the following in common:
* No refrigerant line between heat pump and control / hydraulic unit
* No loss of refrigerant within the circuit and therefore no maintenance (refrigerator principle)
* Environmentally neutral refrigerant R 290 and no environmental pollution (no toxic fluorine mixture as with other makes)
* Available water temperature up to 70 ° C, therefore also suitable for radiator heaters
* High efficiency even at low temperatures
* Up to -20 ° C or 70 ° C water temperature available
* High COP value up to 5.1 (model-dependent) at + 7 ° C air temperature still a value of 4.4
* Eurovent certified, complies with all current EU standards
* Modulating technology with constant water temperature and adapted heat demand
* Hydraulic unit with buffer tank or alternatively with bypass at low power
* Hydraulic unit with all the necessary thermostats and aqua-stats and circulating pump (heating circuit). Versatile electronic control of the heat pump by means of the bus cable and the heating circuit, versatile as required, by means of a second hydraulic unit with circulating pump, eg. Swimming pool, abdominal water tank, low-temperature and high-temperature crepus formation and connection of an external boiler as second heating source etc. and an additional electrical heating system which can be connected in steps of 2-4-6 kW.
Scope of delivery:
Heat pump, control unit (pilot), hydraulic connection kit flexible hose 2 x 1.5 m long, outdoor temperature sensor, filter valve 1 inch, 2 adr. shielded cable (bus cable, pre-activated), one-way valve 1 inch.
Room temperature thermostat for control of the heating circuit (cable-connected) or also as remote control (cable-free), temperature limiter for underfloor heating, bus cable 20m long, kit for 2nd heating circuit, kit for low temperature heating circuit including valves, pump and control unit, control kit for swimming pools, frost protection cable for condensation drain, service water or pool sensor, additional insulated buffer tank with 50 to 200 liters of contents.
The technics of the HRC 70 Series 7 and 11 kW
The HRC 70 with the mentioned characteristics works with a special high-performance compressor, which ensures high performance with high efficiency with the small amount of the refrigerant. Instead of a buffer tank, a bypass is provided in the pilot (control unit), which takes over the task of the buffer tank. In the case of connection of another heat source (boiler or solar radiators) or a service water tank (swimming pool circuit), it is necessary to mount a buffer tank externally. For this purpose, buffer tanks of 50 to 200 liters of water are available.
The heat pump has a soft starter which limits the starting current at 45 A for single-phase operation and for 3-phase operation at 60 A. Furthermore, an electrical protection device is installed which checks current and voltage and switches off the heat pump if the voltage or current is too high.
The heat pump operates extremely quietly and according to EN12102 only a noise level of 54dB (a) measured at a distance of 1 m.