EDEL Air/Water heat pump Modells 200 and 270 litres


Air / water service water heat pump with stainless steel tank

This domestic water heat pump is among the most modern on the market and is maintenance-free with the stainless steel tank. Stainless steel tanks do not require any corrosion protection and therefore NO ANODES, which would normally have to be inspected or changed at least every year.

The electronics offer many programming options which can be used to adapt the operation of the heat pump to specific requirements. The refrigeration circuit works with an environmentally neutral refrigerant, which is non-toxic and does not cause any environmental damage in the event of a defect or damage to the pipes. The EDEL is a high temperature heat pump with low self-consumption due to compressor and refrigerant. In addition, an electric heater with 1500 watts is available and can be programmed as required. Optionally, supply and supply air ducts and fixing material are available.

The EDEL is a tried-and-tested standard product from the manufacturer and has proven itself many times over. Many patents are included in this product, which have also been applied to secondary products. The EDEL has a storage tank of 200 or 270  liters. This concerns not only the built-in electric auxiliary heating, but also the available additional heat exchangers inside the tank of the 270 l modell itself for the connection of various other energy sources.
Special attention was paid to the operation and maintenance of the EDEL. The electronic control unit, which controls all functions of the heat pump, is installed in the front panel. Only a few control elements, as with all devices of the manufacturer facilitate the programming and prevent uncontrolled error input. For this purpose, a comprehensive and easy-to-use operating, installation and maintenance manual, which is attached to each device of the delivery serves.
EDEL heat pumps, like all other products of the manufacturer, are easy to install. If a replacement is to be carried out by an electric boiler, the installation is particularly simple since only the connections of the old electric boil can be used and can be connected to the EDEL. With the commissioning of the EDEL, 80% of the electrical power consumed for the electroboiler is immediately saved. The good tank insulation ensures a low heat loss. The heat exchanger for heating the boiler is outside the water tank and therefore can not corrode or calcify. This heat exchanger is, inter alia, protected by patent law and has a high efficiency as a result of the entire surface of the exchanger surface. As a result, heat losses of the tubular pipe are reduced to an absolute minimum.
The EDEL is a high temperature heat pump with a powerful compressor, which is able to heat up spent hot water to a desired temperature within a short time. If more water is removed, an additional electrical heating system ensures a particularly rapid after-heating for a limited period, which should, however, only be a special case of the costs.
A further variant is a water-cooled heat pump that does not include a fan and is integrated into a heat circuit of a floor heating system. This has the advantage that the installation does not have a local limitation and no condensation is required for which an outflow must be provided. In summer, room cooling is available via floor heating.