About Fan Coil Units

Fan coil units are, in principle, radiators with forced convection by a fan. And yet fan coils are many times more than a conventional radiator. The heat exchanger, as the core of heat transfer, is a high-performance radiator that is able to provide the full heat output at short notice, and only requires a very short time of charging to the water temperature. The convection is accelerated by means of the fan so that the full heat output is also available at short notice depending on the water temperature.
The output of the heat output can be regulated by the fan, usually in steps, or also infinitely with an electronically controlled thermostat. The advantage of the fan coil is the fast heating of a room to a room temperature set by the thermostat. While a commercial radiator requires more than an hour to heat up a room, a fan coil has done this in just a few minutes. This makes a considerable energy saving possible, especially if a living space is not inhabited during the day.
However, a fan coil unit can do more, which is not possible with a commercially available radiator. If cold water is supplied instead of warm water, a fan coil can cool down efficiently during the summer months. Since cold air is heavier than warm air, the fan conveys the cold air through the forced air condition to the necessary room height, which then sinks due to the higher weight by cooling the room air. The room temperature can also be adjusted via the thermostat in this case.
Also in this case, room air conditioning is possible within a short time and only when it is really needed.
Fan coil units are available in different designs, for wall mounting, for inside wall mounting or for ceiling mounting. All the shapes of the fan coil units have the same function, whereas a ceiling installation is the best solution for room climate control. The prerequisite is however a sufficiently free space in a suspended ceiling.  There is also a constructive solution of such a convector with housing available.
In the past, the air conditioning of living rooms with fan convectors resp. fan coil units was limited due to the noise development of the fan. The latest developments of the fans and electric motors have very low and almost imperceptible sound data, in particular the latest series of the IRICON series of CMC (TBL for ceiling installation). A further development of IRICON is the solution of an inverter-controlled fan coil motor of the CMCE series (TBLE for ceiling installation), which operates with the full power of the motor at every set speed and thus has an enormous energy saving. The noise is further reduced to an absolute minimum.
Fan coils, which are used for heating and cooling, require a so-called cold water substitute for the cooling function for the cold water. If a reversible air / heat pump is installed, a heat pump for heating in winter and a heat pump for cooling in the summer months are available in one machine as the function of the heat pump is reversed to a cold water replacement. If solar collectors are used for the preparation of hot water or a domestic hot water pump, the preparation of hot water results in an enormous energy saving guaranteeing a complete independence from fossil fuels