HRC 70   High temperature modulating heat pump  70°C warm water

The Alternative in buildings heating without green house effect


The new HRC 70 heat pump produce for the first time a water temperature of 70 ° C and in terms exceeds thus the energy expenditure the previous economical power generators using fossil fuels.

The modulating high-temperature heat pump 70 HRC is a new technological development of our production facilities in France with years of experience in the development of heat pumps. Numerous international patents support the technology and been presenmted very successful on the exhibition of the largest international trade fair for air conditioning and heating in Milan 2016.

While older constructions contained the complete control and circulators in a monobloc,  this construction is devided of 2 units. The heat pump itself, as the active part for the outdoor installation and the control of power distribution and the electronics for indoor installation. Thus, the complete power distribution and control system is in a protected interior, such as the basement or utility room in a building. We therefore call this part also rightly a pilot.

Heat pump and pilot are interconnected by 4 lines, the current terminal, called the control line and bus line, and the two hot water  lines of supply and return. There is no refrigerant lines and connections outside the heat pump as in other models including the highly toxic refrigerants  which can be lost and have to be replenished.


The HRC 70 operates with a new fluorine-free non-toxic refrigerant, which would mean in case of loss no environmental impact and therefore does not cause the greenhouse effect. It is a gas which is also present as part of our air. The refrigerant circuit in the HRC 70 is closed and generally requires no maintenance. These are another very significant benefits for the protection of the environment of our planet.

The pilot includes all technical components that are required for optimal and energy-saving function of the heat pump. Electronic control allows a variety of settings and on the other hand the complete hydraulic system with circulating pumps and from the performance class of 17 kW  a separate buffer tank of 60 liters. These basically an electric auxiliary heater of 6kW, which can be switched on in steps of 2 kW, if this should be necessary in extreme cold . This additional heating can be programmed on and off.

The HRC 70 is available in the power range 7-140 kW output, which come two mutually corresponding high pressure compressors for use from the heating power of 17 kW for the first time. They are split into 1 / 3rd and 2 / 3rd of the heat output. The heat pump works in 4 stages.
When heat demand is low and when it is not so cold, only the small compressor is operating, it gets colder the large compressor is switched on, it is even colder on the small compressor add and is extreme cold, the electric auxiliary heater switched in 3 steps as needed to.
The result is also enormous energy savings over the seasonal heating demand.